Helping Woodinville/Puget Sound Live Safer

State-of-the-art mold removal technology to help homeowner breathe easier; prevent bank employees from harm re: foreclosed homes; and build safe environment for abused kids

By Craig Hawkins, EnviroShield

The community of Woodinville is special.  The people who live and work here genuinely care about our neighbors and business associates.  There are too many examples of community service on behalf of students, parents and company owners to list.  We had a chance to speak with Craig Hawkins regarding some highlights to help our communities live safer.

Question:  I was moved by a story on your website concerning a homeowner whose life literally changed as a result of the work of your team…what strikes you regarding Rita Rhinehart?

Craig:  This woman had severe respiratory issues for two years and knew something in the home was the culprit.  No one had been able to help.  We were able to confirm mold in her crawl space and use our leading technology to ensure the maximum amount of mold spores were eliminated.  Rita commented that it was the first time she could breathe without effort in a long time.

Question:  Many local bankers continue to deal with foreclosed homes and businesses.  Maybe unknowingly, entering a home could be dangerous to their health.  You are able to help ensure they don’t enter a potential hazard…what are some warning signs?

Craig:  The main concern is how long these homes and businesses remain vacant? What if the owner neglected to turn off the water main or worse? What if they did something on purpose as a last gesture to the bank?  We can help bank employees determine warning signs upon entering the property and most important prior to entering what could be a dangerous environment.

Question: As a member of the Woodinville and Puget Sound business community, community service is an important part of your company…what was a highlight this year?

Craig: I’ve had a special place in my heart for abused kids for a long time.  While working as a paramedic, I witnessed first-hand the crisis for kids that didn’t have a safe place to live.  We were able to play an important role to help build Jacob’s Well.  The facility located in Shoreline will initially house 12 families, a crisis center, program space, counseling and after school programs.