New Woodinville Location

During the last 8 years performing mold remediation Craig Hawkins and his team at EnviroShield have been steadily outgrowing their space in the suburbs of Woodinville.  It was time to move closer to the business district and freeways to provide timely responses to water damage and mold emergencies.  For Craig, the timing was perfect.  He could not be happier with the new location at 14522 NE North Woodinville Way, Suite 202B.  We asked him to share some lessons learned for other business owners contemplating a move to Woodinville.

Question:  What worked well?

Craig:  Based on current leasing rates, there is a prime opportunity to join the Woodinville business community.  My local agent, Gordon Hopwood, worked with me to find the ideal location.  We were able to use our own trucks and team to handle the heavy lifting.  Another Woodinville-based resource, Bill Ledbetter and his team at Go 2 IT GUYS, did a phenomenal job to break down and relocate our computer systems.  The space has worked out great to provide individual offices and good lighting.

Question:  What would you have done different?

Craig: Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication with our phone and high-speed Internet provider, pardon the pun.  The result was the loss of our 800 number for a period of time.  That’s unacceptable in our business.  I would recommend to anyone planning a move to sit down with your rep and make sure everything is in place at the new location prior to any disconnect of services.

Question:  What are some other benefits to the Woodinville business community?

Craig:  Woodinville is a very positive place to work and live.  The business district is full of kind and generous folks.  There are also solid networking groups.  It’s just a great place to do business.

Question: Let’s talk about the late spring rain we’ve been experiencing as it relates to potential water and mold issues.  What areas are the most prone to damage?

Christian: Lots of rain can definitely cause leaks in major areas of the home such as the roof, kitchen, bathrooms, and crawl space and electrical/water heater rooms.  It’s important to keep an eye on these areas and call your insurance agent and a specialist such as us immediately if you experience major leaks.

Craig Hawkins and his team at Enviroshield have more than 20 years of experience in water damage and mold remediation.  They’re certified, utilize a nationally recognized protocol and provide a 25-year guarantee on all work.