At EnviroShield we know the value of a pleased customer. Please read some of comments below submitted by both companies and homeowners that we’re equally proud to have served and satisfied.



It has been a please to work with Enviroshield. Thanks for everyone from us! Wishing you all a good day. Sincerly

- Donna Gleason


I had the pleasure of working with the Enviroshield team for the past 3 weeks. The job isn't complete yet, but I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your guys. Our home flooded due to a plumber leaving a test balloon in our pipes during construction. My wife and I got married on June 18th, returned from our honeymoon and a week later our brand new home was flooding and we were catching gray water with our wedding presents from the ceiling. Anyway, it's been a really tough time and your team has made it much more bearable. Specifically, I'd like to shout out Fong and his team and Mark (dry wall) specialist. Fond and his guys were so quick to act and in a shocking time made us understand the process and assured us that mold wouldn't stand a chance. Mark made our kitchen ceiling look identical, if not better, than it was before. Mark is definitely a really thoughtful guy and it was clear he took extra care to make sure his work was of the highest quality. I would recommend Enviroshield to friends and family every day!

Thank you for running such a quality operation.

- Rob Pfarr, Lululemon Athletica


As always, thank you for your help! We trust EnviroShield with our property when we’re not there! We’re lucky to have an honest, professional service like yours to rely on.

– Tiffany

Hi EnviroShield Team! Just thought you might be interested to know that the opposing party agreed to dismiss the claim due, I’m sure, in large part to the declaration Frank and the Enviroshield team stood behind. We dismissed our counter claim as well. Your thorough procedures and high standard of professionalism are a credit to your company. Thanks very much for your help and hope we can do business again. Will certainly recommend you to anyone I come across looking for your kind of help.

– GW

Jenamar contracted EnviroShield to conduct remediation on approximately 116 homes in our active adult community. We took this approach to ensure that Jenamar provided the best product and so that our clients knew they were being taken care of. During the 116 unit remediation project approximately two houses were scheduled a week continuously and all were completed in under a year. Not one house missed schedule and the interaction of scheduling with my department and EnviroShield was a proven success.

With the application provided by EnviroShield and their warranty, we feel that we have gone above standards and have given our clients an outstanding product. I would recommend EnviroShield as they proved to Jenamar to be a success.

– Nathan Johnson, Customer Care Manager, Jenamar Communities, LLC

My wife and I recently purchased a home that was a real fixer-upper. The state of the house was dirty, unsanitary, and un-livable at the time of purchase. Being concerned for the health of our family and new born son we tore out and replaced many items and cleaned everything before we moved in.

Knowing that cleaning might not solve all of our concerns we decided to have EnviroShield apply their protective hypo-allergenic treatment over our entire house. It was important for us to protect the work we had done and make sure we eliminated as much of the mold, allergen and bacteria threat as possible. The technicians were on time, efficient and completed the job quickly. I am extremely satisfied with EnviroShield’s product, service and the peace of mind that my family has, living in a protected healthy environment.

– Dustin Nccorchuk, Homeowner – Monroe, WA

Our third baby boy was born nearly two years ago with end-stage kidney failure and significant breathing difficulties due to poorly developed lungs. He has survived with at-home dialysis every night and our new house in the area raised some real concerns for us because of our son’s need for a sterile environment. The dogs and cat from the previous owners had destroyed the flooring, urinating all throughout the house and leaving all kinds of “stuff” in the air. The ventilation system, though fairly new, was not well kept and the house in general is an older home with plenty of shade and possibility for mold growth.

We did everything we could to our home to make it as sanitary as possible, but there were still limitations we have in protecting our sweet baby boy from the dangers we could not see such as bacteria and mold. Knowing this, we had EnviroShield come in and give us the protection we need in our own home. When they came to apply their hypo-allergenic treatment on our house, they courteously took the time to explain the entire process and then methodically worked through our house. I was impressed by the technicians’ level of professionalism and was surprised that there was no odor or chemical residue anywhere in the home when they were finished. We were only out of our house for an hour or so and now we have a peace of mind that will last indefinitely. We highly recommend EnviroShield to anyone with health concerns in their home or workplace and we are extremely thankful for the work they did for us.

 – Donny and Kristi Vanker, Homeowner and parents of a special-needs child – Issaquah, WA

EnviroShield was very friendly and kept our home clean through the whole process. EnviroShield was the only company who has come to work on our home that we have been impressed with.

– Eric & Anna Hellyer, Homeowner – Lacey, WA

Thorough attention to detail…prompt courteous staff…very pleased with the work completed. I definitely will recommend to anyone who needs your service.

– Larry Williams, Homeowner – Lacey, WA

Cleanliness was a priority…no damage to our house and a very efficient team.

– Jeff Matson, Homeowner – Sammamish, WA