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Water damage is a devastating event for you as a home owner. The leak could come from a toilet, dishwasher, water line to a refrigerator, roof leak and/or broken pipe in a wall, etc. This can do lots of damage to a house in a very short time frame. EnviroShield has 20 years of experience dealing with all kinds of insurance companies and can help you as a home owner work with your insurance adjuster and take that load off your back. EnviroShield has good relationships with all insurance companies as well as we use the same estimating program they do which helps communication of your project and builds a scope of work.

There are many different phases that we go through in a water damage situation. The first step is we have the opportunity to meet you, the home owner, and help you through the process. The second step is to protect your home from the work that is going to take place. Third step is the dry out process starts which can take from 3 to 10 days or longer depending on how much water leaked into your home and how wet the structure is. The fourth and final step is putting your home back together. Because we are General Contractors we can help you through the whole job. Through the past 20 years, Craig Hawkins has run a fire and water restoration company, a framing company, and a hardwood floor company. This provides a well-rounded approach to your water damage loss.

EnviroShield’s mission statement is “Improving Quality Of Life”. Our value system is Faith, Integrity, Trust, Excellence, and Relationships. 

Whether you encounter mold through water damage, desire hypo-allergenic protection, or just want to improve your indoor air quality EnviroShield can provide safe, affordable and environmentally friendly solutions.