Indoor Air Quality Association

Only Highly Qualified Professionals Should Handle Mold and Water Problems

Checking qualifications isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind when you or a loved one could be experiencing serious health problems as a result of poor indoor air quality.  Unfortunately, indoor air quality companies in most of the country are not regulated, according to the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA).  Therefore, the membership-based organization formed to promote uniform standards, procedures and protocols believes it’s important to use a qualified professional.

Here’s the good news: It’s easy to ensure that only qualified individuals and firms deal with these complex problems.  The IAQA is the largest organization of trades and professionals dealing with these issues.  They deliver the industry’s most prestigious and respected IAQ and mold training programs.

As a proud IAQA member since the early 2000’s, Enviroshield has earned the designations of Certified Mold Remediation Specialist, Certified Residential Mold Inspector and Certified Indoor Environmentalist. We engage in continuing education to maintain our certifications and remain current on the latest technologies and best practices.

During the recent annual convention in January, we were briefed on the exciting news regarding a new machine to analyze mold spores, their genus and species, on-site versus in the lab.  This is a huge issue facing the industry.  Past experience shows that results can vary greatly depending on the lab.  One in study, 10 labs that were provided identical mold samples returned 10 different results.  The machine would eliminate any subjective issues to help identify specific molds related to health issues.  It’s expected to be operational within the next couple of years.