Wells Fargo Preferred Contractors

Leading mold remediation specialists deploy industry leading solution to clean foreclosed homes

Craig Hawkins and his team have been working with real estate agents, property owners and builders during the recession to ensure foreclosed homes are free of microbial problems and safe for occupants.  Enviroshield has recently become a member of the Wells Fargo Preferred Contractor Program to achieve mold free environments in vacant foreclosed homes.

“Some banks hire general contractors that spray bleach which doesn’t eliminate the mold,” said Craig.  “As a result the mold returns, posing a serious threat to inspectors, buyers and even neighbors.”

When mold is discovered, the team from EnviroShield deploys a state-of-the-art chemistry-based solution called Aegis that after the cleaning process is finished instantly kills the problem.  This EPA approved method creates a sword-like action that attracts the mold and punctures the cell membrane, eliminating the microbes.  As a result, the solution is backed by a 25-year warranty ensuring against another outbreak in the same location.

“Our methods are truly cutting-edge for the mold remediation industry,” said Craig.  “Other vendors don’t clean the mold off before treating, which according to the EPA and New York City Guidelines as well as the IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association), is referred to as a band-aid approach.  It’s essentially a chemical poison that’s painted over the top of the problem.  It also seals in the microbe, without providing a way to permanently remove it.  Our EPA approved solution doesn’t seal and enables a complete hypoallergenic surface.”

Ballard-based Rose Environmental provides post mold remediation inspection and testing for several banks.  “Craig is a great partner because of his ability to pay great attention to detail while at the same time being able to keep the problem in perspective,” said Martin Rose, Owner.  “This work requires a balance to not get mirrored in the minutia and unnecessarily alarm the clients.”

The number of foreclosed homes on the market combined with record low interest rates has banks and prospective buyers chomping at the bit to complete a sale.  Craig recommends that you try to look through a window to check carpets, ceilings and walls for signs of water and mold damage before entering a foreclosed home for the first time.  He says if you experience an overwhelming foul smell, burning eyes or trouble breathing leave immediately.

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