Mold Remediation Kirkland

Kirkland Homeowner Battling Mold/Health Problems Credits EnviroShield Team for Unprecedented Customer Service

(Kirkland, WA) Rita Rhinehart knew something in her home was making her very ill.  After being confined to her residence following an accident, she began to suffer flu like symptoms including raspy voice, sore throat, trouble breathing and swollen eyes.
Rita suspected a mold problem which was confirmed by the EnviroShield team upon inspection of the crawlspace.  "I chose Craig based on his knowledge of mold and his attention to protecting my health during removal," said Rita.  "He made it clear that preventing mold spores from entering my home was a top priority."

The certified EnviroShield team utilized a Negative Air System to ensure the maximum amount of mold spores were eliminated from the home.  "Shortly after they installed the unit I jumped out of bed to see what was happening," Rita said.  "It was the first time I had been able to breathe without effort in my own home for the last two years."

Rita was still suffering respiratory issues following the successful mold removal from a still unknown source other than mold.  "Because the system had helped so much, Craig actually re-installed the Negative Air System at my request and left it in my home for three more weeks," she said.  "I was able to breathe again and my headaches stopped."

Rita's problems didn't end.  The other unit in her duplex also had mold issues.  The resident called a different company who turned off the Negative Air System upon leaving for the day and refused to leave the unit for additional use.  She is currently staying with friends until the work is completed.

Craig Hawkins and his team at EnviroShield have more than 20 years of experience in water damage and mold remediation.  They're certified, utilize a nationally recognized protocol and provide a 25-year guarantee on all work.  To schedule a free estimate call us at 425-488-7688