Our Products

At EnviroShield we use a time-tested antimicrobial that is registered with the EPA. Introduced to the market by Dow Corning™ 30 years ago, our product molecularly bonds with the surfaces to which it is applied, creating a permanent bond. Our product then attracts, punctures, and electrocutes mold and bacteria cells without diminishing the effectiveness of the antimicrobial. To learn more about our product and how it works click on the link below for a short video.

product 1

What separates our proactive shield from other antimicrobials on the market?env products

  • Our product prevents mold, bacteria and allergen growth
  • Our product is safe for humans, animals and the environment.
  • Our product is odorless, colorless and non-toxic.
  • Our product allows substrates to function and breathe as they were designed.
  • Our product can permanently bond with any material.
  • Our product will not volatize, dissipate or leach onto other surfaces or the environment.

The EnviroShield application process ensures up to 70% greater coverage than a conventional sprayer. Our process allows us to reach the toughest areas like joint cuts and cracks that are less than a 32nd of an inch. The entire system is engineered to guarantee a thorough, even and effective treatment, providing the finest anti-microbial product available anywhere. Nobody has better technology than EnviroShield. Nobody.

For more information about the use of our product please navigate through the “Our Services” portion of the website.