Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a devastating event as a home owner. The leak could come from a toilet, dishwasher, water line to a refrigerator, roof leak and/or broken pipe in a wall, etc. This can do lots of damage to a house in a short time frame.  EnviroShield is licensed with the State of Washington as a General Contractor, specializing in mold remediation and water damage. We can offer a complete, custom-tailored solution to repair and restore your home back to its pre-loss condition.

There are many different phases that we go through in a water damage situation. The first step is we have the opportunity to meet you, the home owner, and help you through the process. The second step is to protect your home from the work that is going to take place. The third step is the dry out process which can take from 3 to 10 days depending on how much water leaked into your home and how wet the structure is. The fourth and final step is putting your home back together. Because we are General Contractors we can help you through the whole job. Through the past 20 years, Craig Hawkins has run a fire and water restoration company, a framing company, and a hardwood floor company. This provides a well-rounded approach to your water damage loss.

We can also help you as a home owner work with your insurance adjuster and take that load off your back. EnviroShield has good relationships with all insurance companies. We use the same estimating program as well which helps communication of your water repair project. EnviroShield has been working with Insurance Companies for over 20 years of water damage dry outs and restoration.

EnviroShield’s Protocol for Water Damage

We follow a strict protocol set forth by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning, Restoration and Certification). The S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration. We are unique because we also are a Mold Remediation Company.

What to expect when EnviroShield arrives at your home for Water Damage: 

  • You will meet the supervisor who will be in charge of your job, and he will go over the water damaged areas. Our crew will arrive to set up plastic barriers that protect your home while we do the demolition and dry out process. The initial investigation will determine the classification of water contamination. This establishes how much dehumidification will be needed to dry out your home.
  • Once containment barriers are set up we will start removing the wet dry wall and begin to dry inside the walls. If there carpet damage we will pull the pad under the carpet, which allows the carpet to dry. We will also remove any furniture from the wet areas. This will ensure excess moisture inside a wall or under a floor drys properly so no mold problems arise later.
  • After removal is complete moisture readings are re-checked and drying equipment is setup. Our drying equipment consists of dehumidifiers that remove moisture from the air and dry your home. We also use fans that help circulate the air so dehumidification can work at its best efficiency. Once the drying equipment is in place it will be necessary to keep the equipment on 24 hours a day until the process is complete. The job supervisor will be in charge of monitoring the drying process each day until the structure drys to acceptable levels.
  • EnviroShield will document the drying process as well as have a complete photo journal with “before” and “after” pictures of the job. This is helpful for insurance companies so they can view the water damage and the restoration without going onsite.
  • Choosing a water damage restoration company is completely decided by the home owner. With over 20 years experience dealing with water damage restoration, you can trust Enviroshield NW to restore your house back to normal.

EnviroShield’s mission statement is “Improving Quality Of Life”. Our value system is Faith, Integrity, Trust, Excellence, and Relationships. 

Let us help you repair your water damage and contact us today.