Residential Mold Removal


Mold remediation, is the process of cleaning up mold in homes generally caused by some form of water intrusion. Our primary concern is the health and safety of your family. Whether it's a broken water line or overflowing toilet, mold thrives in damp conditions. If at any point you have water damage you should check for mold. Mold can continue to grow within walls making a simple fix into a major issue.

The following list is a brief example of the strict protocol in which our certified indoor environmentalists adhere to.

How we protect your property:

  • Our first concern is to always restore your home to a healthy living environment. That means we find where the mold is and contain it so that it doesn’t spread to the other rooms.
  • First we create a mold barrier to separate the contaminated area from the clean area.
  • We then install special HEPA filtration systems to draw clean air into the contained area. Our HEPA filtration system keeps the mold within the contaminated area.
  • Mold contaminated items are then removed, such as ceiling tiles, sheet rock or flooring. Anything we cannot remove will be cleaned using a special vacuum and sander fitted with a HEPA filters designed to remove mold.
  • When it comes to commercial mold prevention and remediation, the biggest concern for property owners is “What will I do if it comes back?” With other companies consumers have had to pay for extra treatments and property damage. At EnviroShield we use an anti-microbial cleaner and shield to keep the mold from returning. We also believe in our service and product so much that we offer a 25-year warranty on all treated surfaces

EnviroShield follows the IICRC S 520 protocol prescribed by the Indoor Air Quality Association. For more information or clarification on our protocols please call us at: 866-222-1775.

Residential Mold Prevention

Unexpected events happen which is why we purchase insurance, install security systems and get vaccines. We take these precautions because we realize that prevention can be the key to avoiding serious loss. When it comes to the removal of mold, financial and health costs can be devastating. At EnviroShield we have developed a proactive treatment so that you can breathe easier knowing your home is protected from the harmful effects of bacteria and mold.

Residential Applications Include:

  • New Home Construction
  • Crawlspaces
  • Attics
  • Remodels
  • Hypoallergenic treatment on the interior of the existing structure
  • Protective treatment after mold remediation and water restoration work

Why Choose EnviroShield’s Proactive Treatments?

  • 25 year warranty
  • Odorless, colorless and non-toxic
  • Insurance against the effects of water intrusion and the degradation of wood
  • Mold removal costs can be 7-10 times more costly than a proactive treatment
  • Increased protection for those you love from the harmful effects of bacteria and mold

Protect what is most important to you by choosing EnviroShield’s Proactive Shield!