Onsite Mold Verification

In life unforeseen events happen all the time and often times it can be hard to tell how extensive the damage really is. For instance water damage is the leading cause of mold colonization but sometimes it is hard to recognize or detect. To help verify that funny looking fuzz growing in your basement is actually mold, EnviroShield offers onsite mold verification and free estimates to help you eliminate a potential problem.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and thorough verification process mold is easily detected during an evaluation of the property. The main goal of the onsite mold verification is to determine if there is a mold problem and provide you with a free estimate to get it taken care of safely and completely.

Onsite Verification Can Include:

on site

  • Testing the air in each room using a laser particle counter
  • Checking the walls for moisture with a non-penetrating moisture meter
  • Checking relative humidity with a Thermal hygrometer
  • Checking the Temperature of each room
  • Air sample to determine the mold spores in the air
  • Visibly identifying any mold present
  • Detecting Odors
  • Photographing the area
  • Inspection using the latest Thermal Imaging technology

Written reports are available upon request for a fee that will be based on the size of the property and the amount of test samples taken.

In choosing EnviroShield you can have the comfort of knowing the job will be affordable, done on time and done right. We believe in what we do so much that we offer a 25 year warranty for our work.